PGT® is the nation’s leading manufacturer and supplier of residential impact-resistant windows and doors. Located in southwest Florida, PGT products are sold in the Eastern U.S., the Gulf Coast, the Caribbean, and other international markets. PGT aspires to develop innovative flexible solutions for all single family, commercial, and multi-family buildings. With a philosophy based on strength and functionality without compromise on aesthetics, we are successful because of our devoted employees.

Prior to 1992, PGT specialized in vinyl glazed windows that were used to enclose porch systems. Presently known as Eze-Breeze® Sliding Panels, this unique product line is manufactured as a desirable alternative to glass.

A total of 12 different high integrity window and door lines are available in addition to the Eze-Breeze system. Hurricane protection, security against intruders, noise reduction, UV filtering, energy efficiency affordability, and style are some of the most notable benefits that our products have to offer. PGT continues to develop all product lines with cutting edge innovations, allowing the company to expand into new markets, giving us the satisfaction of furthering the radius of people our products can protect.

Superior materials, quality assurance, and an unparalleled, compassionate staff are what allow us to produce the highest quality of windows and doors on the market. With a strong emphasis on company success, PGT is able to extend a greater understanding of all functions within the company to each employee. PGT’s highly motivated staff functions as a single unit, applying an approach to not only seek improvement on an individual basis, but to better the company as a whole. Our employees know that the work they do every day has the potential to save people’s lives, and that is what makes PGT products exceptional.