Electric Roll Shutters

Strong, secure and durable, TISW Corp’s Electric roll shutters provide protection from hurricanes & intrusions. They glide easily into place when you need them and retract into an overhead panel box when you don’t. Manual or motorized controls ensure smooth, convenient operation and the shutters and frames can be tailored to harmonize with any exterior.

Roll Shutters glide up and down in weather stripped side rails mounted on the exterior of the window or door. They can be operated electronically or manually from the convenience and safety of the interior of your home.

The Roll Shutter houses neatly above any opening for totally open vision, fully down to darken and insulate from outside conditions, or any intermediate positions for desired shading. Our Roll Shutters can be custom-fitted to virtually any door, window, patio or porch opening for residential, multifamily or commercial application to provide storm protection, increase security, protect interior furnishings from damaging rays of the sun, reduce heating and cooling costs, and provide darkness during daylight hours.